Based on The Frank Sinatra Scrapbook by Richard Peters, published in 1982.

18 KARAT: All the way, full-out: "An 18 karat idiot."
BABY: Used as an exclamation as well as a term of endearment.
BAG: As in "my bag," a person's particular interest.
BARN BURNER: A very stylish, classy woman.
BEARD: A male friend who acts as a 'cover', usually for extramarital affairs.
BEETLE: A girl who dresses in flashy clothes.
BIG-LEAGUER: A resourceful man who can handle any situation.
BIRD: A "suitcase" word sometimes used in reference to the pelvic section.
BOMBSVILLE: Any kind of failure in life.
BROAD: Affectionate term for a girl or woman with sex appeal.
BUM: A person who is despised, most frequently linked to people in the media.
BUNTER: A man who fails in almost everything he does, the opposite of gasser.

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